Dress code for graduation

By: Destiny Mills

You would think for graduation that we could pretty much do and dress however we please, well we can’t. Many think it’s unfair that we are not allowed to dress how we want. Guys have to wear some sort of dress shirt and slacks or khakis with a pair of dress shoes. Girls have to wear a nice dress or skirt or a pretty blouse. They have to wear wedges or flats, but it must have a back strap around it.

I personally think we should have a dress code because some people will get out of hand and wear something that is not appropriate.  I feel this is a very special time and that it is a time to dress up and look your best because these are memories that you will be making and one day you will show your child pictures.

Others think that the dress code is unfair because we should have the freedom to express ourselves. We went through the whole school year following dress code and we should at least have our graduation night to express ourselves right?  Well it’s only a difficult situation because certain people mess things up for us.

“I think we should be able to dress how we want to certain standards. I personally don’t like wearing dresses or anything like that. I would prefer wearing sneakers. I also think we should be able to decorate our graduation caps, like why not? Aren’t we celebrating our accomplishments. What is the big deal?” said Cynthia Mejia.

“I think the dress code is fine because some people just take it too serious and will make everyone look bad, so I rather it stay the way it is,” said Leasley Gonzalez.

“I feel like the dress code is fine. I personally love dressing up, so it’s not a big deal for me. The only thing I would fight against, is decorating our caps. I personally would love to decorate it with something that means a lot to me,” said Elli Santana.

Either way, not everyone will ever agree with the same dress code. Someone will always have something to complain about and not like the rules, but everyone just needs to think we are graduating and then all of this will be over. Enjoy it while you can.