High School Stereotypes-the perfect student

By: Michael Olivares Mia Rodriguez Ireland Livermore

What is a typical high school student? A high school student is one who is ready to gain knowledge. Not only do they build knowledge inside the classroom but through their own experiences outside of high school, whether by volunteering or participating in an event or organization. The student participates in many school events, from being in Leadership to organizing dances and other events.

The student likes to interact with teacher and other students and is not afraid to introduce themselves to a stranger. Overall, the type of person who should attend my school should be motivated to gain all the knowledge they can and be friendly and respectful not only to their fellow classmates, but to school staff as well. The “perfect student”  is one who is helpful and understanding.

“People think I’m a bad guy because I like to skate,” said Pedro Martinez. They should not judge other people for being different they should encourage their likes and encourage them to do it better. 

There are many different types of high school students and we should not classify someone on the way they live their life. Everybody is different and unique in their own way. Next time you see someone who has different views than yours, don’t stereotype them, get to know them. It could be worth your while!