School Involvement

School has always been a major part of our lives, and we can thank our education system for some of the great minds we have today. Ten years ago teachers took control of everything, people would always think of ‘computer’ as a lesson in a lab, and we would always strive for quiet in a classroom. These days students take ownership of their learning, technology is an integral part of learning across the curriculum, and schools are filled with vibrant and noisy engagement in learning. With advancements in technology and resources, schools have made significant changes to adapt to the world.

The introduction of the internet has undoubtedly had an impact on the way teachers have introduced lessons to their students and how these students grasp and understand the material. While we still have libraries, so much research is now web-based making the use of textbooks almost a thing of the past. The amount of information that a student can be exposed to is virtually limitless, and grows with the amount of resources we have access to.

We have expanded our ways of learning beyond the classroom and have come to the realization that not all knowledge can or even should be obtained through books. Overall we learned from past mistakes and now schools everywhere are thinking of new ideas to further bringing the concept of education to a magnitude that’s unimaginable. Maybe one day knowledge is something that is attainable through simpler means rather than constant hours of studying and memorizing