Journalism : Farewell

Screenshot 2016-06-01 at 10.49.52 AM.pngHere are some farewell statements from the Journalism staff :

Sam: I will miss getting to write for a purpose bigger than me. Thanks for tuning in, have a fantastic summer!

Micah: This year has been an amazing experience to learn and write. Thank you for listening and supporting.

Victor: I loved writing and being able to show  and shed some light on many of the activities.

Bobbi: I loved learning about other people’s input and perspectives in things that happen at school or in the world.

Destiny: Thank you to everyone who read our articles and always viewed the site. I sure will miss Journalism with my amazing friends and boyfriend. It is something I have always enjoyed being involved in. I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Allen. Hope everyone will keep up the good work next year!

Carlos: I joined Journalism mostly because of my girlfriend, but it really impacted me and I really enjoy Journalism a lot. I hope to get involved with Journalism throughout college also.  Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented on my articles, your comments really helped. Have a great summer.

Michael: I’m going to miss coming to class looking forward to write and learn more about articles, and having fun with my classmates.

Ireland: I’m going to miss the people I met this year in journalism class. It was really fun.  Have a good summer!

Bailee: I’m going to miss all of my friends and all of the fun times in this class.

Lisette: This is the perfect class for me because I’m really laid back and I loved writing for my school.

Jonathan Delgado: I had such a good time in this class. As an aspiring writer and artist, this class really helped me brush up on my writing skills. It’s a pleasure to cover all of these different types of news circulating inside and outside the school’s borders. I’ll truly miss it! I wish anyone reading this, as well as my fellow classmates, a fantastic summer!

Matt : I had such a good year and I really enjoyed writing for all of you guys, have a good, and safe summer. Stay in school .