Movie Preview: Doctor Strange

By: Lisette Yanez


Marvel Studios bring us an excellent doctor, devoted to helping people. However, he’s not living up to his full potential. Dr. Strange’s(Benedict Cumberbatch) journey begins when he discovers the world of magic.

The movie is still a ways away, with the release date being November fourth, but many Marvel fanatics are already excited. There are those, though, that take a more pessimistic approach to the movie’s trailer.

“It seems like it’s gonna be less fighting and more talking, I mean, which could be a good thing but I feel like it’s gonna be boring,” Western student Amanda Sanchez comments.

The trailer leaves many of us wondering why everything is so tranquil but the posters and pictures seem to tell a different story. They depict Dr. Strange in various stances, also using some form of magic in different colors. It seems pretty exciting.


This doesn’t seem very boring at all. Marvel chose a really similar actor to play the part of Dr. Strange and in general looks a lot like the the comic version. There is still much to be determined, of course, the trailer hardly reveals enough to explain what’s really going on. I guess Marvel really has a surprise for us this time!