Movie Trailer Review: Nerve

By Guadalupe Zepeda

Nerve is an action packed suspenseful movie. It follows Vee (Emma Roberts), a high school senior and Ian (Dave Franco).

As many other movies, this movie was originally a book. Obviously, there is already a big hype about it.

The movie is about how Vee gets involved in a game. The game is a truth or dare game. The catch is that you get paid for doing what the game tells you to. However, the dares become more and more dangerous every time you complete one. The dares consist of kissing a stranger to stealing expensive clothes. They way the app knows what you’re doing is through “watchers.”

This situation leads Vee to meet Ian. Together they must complete certain dangerous and illegal dares. But if they decide to not do the dare, all they money they have collected gets taken away. This is why it becomes a struggle for them to not complete the dare.

So throughout the movie we follow these two characters through the struggle of completing each dare.

Honestly, I believe this is going to be a great thriller.

The movie has a good cast and it seems to have a good plot. Many people seem to have similar opinions. “I cannot wait to see this movie!” stated Nikki Vasquez. “It looks super cool,” said Vasquez, “especially the game itself.”

“If I was in that situation I would quit the game immediately. I cannot do anything illegal, I just can’t,” said Jennifer Yanez.

I think everyone should watch this movie. Also comment your opinion on it below!