Potential Death for Education



Atule'er, a village in China's Sichuan province, received widespread attention after state-run Beijing News published a series of photos of students climbing vine ladders along a 800-meter (half-mile) cliff to go to school.<br />


By: Bailee Seals

Would you risk your life for education?

In the mountains of  the Sichuan province located in China, children climb down a half mile cliff on ladders made of vines just to reach school. The trip for education takes two hours. The trek is so dangerous that the children only return home twice a month. Children as young as 6 years old make this dangerous journey.

Chen Jie, a photographer,  heard about the journey the kids had to make from friends. The children would be coming home on May 14 so he decided to join the climb. With his camera in hand he set out to experience a dangerous journey for education.
“It was dangerous enough climbing up. I can’t imagine what it would be like climbing down,” He told reporters.
Parents sometimes volunteer on trips to supervise the children. “Think about it. City parents get worried when their spoiled kids aren’t happy, but what the kids here face is a formidable abyss — they could fall any second,” he said.
Chen told reporters that the children didn’t seem scared. Only one said he became afraid once when he saw a friend close to slipping from the ladder.
If your only source of education was below a cliff, would you risk your life just to learn?