Refuse to Serve LGBT?

Victor Pena and Lisette Yanez

Missouri passes a bill stating people are allowed to refuse service to the LGBT community. Sound a bit familiar? Kinda like back when white people were allowed to refuse service to those of color. Arizona had removed this law calling it “unconstitutional,” yet somehow Missouri allows it. Why? Why is it so hard to accept those of the LGBT community? After all, love is love, right?

When were we given the right to judge people on who they are, or whether their love is right or wrong? People swarmed to America based off of the American Dream to be able to be themselves and be able to have freedom of love.  When did that dream die?

Many believe that since a person owns a business, then they have the right to control which kinds of customers are served. They ‘hold the right to refuse service to anyone’ which really isn’t ethical. The law is leaving it up to a person’s morals and that tends to vary throughout the world.

The basic mindset is that we are all human and we were all born with natural rights, according to the constitution. Who we love doesn’t change who we are no matter your religious beliefs. It’s a sense of ethics.