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Farewell to Class of 2016

By Guadalupe Zepeda As the school year gradually comes to an end, we will be saying goodbye to many seniors. It is a bittersweet moment for not only those who are graduating, but… Continue reading

Whisper Challenge Ep.3

By Guadalupe Zepeda Featuring Shae, David Alcantar, and Raylee

Whisper Challenge Ep.2

By Guadalupe Zepeda Featuring Nikki Vasquez and Harold

Restrooms Restrooms Restrooms

By: Sam Marquez & Matt Adams North Carolina recently passed a bill that states one must use the public restroom of their designating sex at birth. Let’s just start off by saying sex… Continue reading

Athlete Spotlight

By: Michael Olivares Kelcey Carrasco, senior, has played softball at Tulare Western for four years on varsity since her freshman year. Carrasco started playing softball when she was six years old. When she… Continue reading

How VJP started!

  By:Bobbi Chavez Senior Victor Pena had a dream like most typical teenagers of making something of themselves and having a future. He first came up with the idea of selling shirts when… Continue reading

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review(Spoilers)

By Jonathan Delgado It’s finally here! A movie featuring the world’s finest has finally reached cinemas and has…been absolutely panned by critics. Well it’s not like fans didn’t see that coming. Regardless, I’m… Continue reading

Chickens with dinosaur legs??

By: Mia Rodriguez & Michael Olivares Have dinosaurs really been extinct for the past 65 million years or have they been living among us genetically? New fossil discoveries came up with new knowledge… Continue reading

And Shamu was over…

By Micah Henderson Sea World has been attacked about their killer whales (or orcas) that they have been keeping in captivity for years. But Sea World has had a change. Sea World has… Continue reading

California drought-how it’s affecting people near you

As you may know, the California drought has been the worst this state has ever seen. It is affecting people, not only in California, but around the world. California is home to the… Continue reading