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Refuse to Serve LGBT?

Victor Pena and Lisette Yanez Missouri passes a bill stating people are allowed to refuse service to the LGBT community. Sound a bit familiar? Kinda like back when white people were allowed to… Continue reading

Tulare Western: Social media, Good or Bad?

By: Mia Rodriguez, Michael Olivares, & Ireland Livermore


By: Sam Marquez We live in the “Cowtown” of California. A town you know you’ve entered, solely because of the smell. As nice as the weather may be at times, and as comforting as this blanket of… Continue reading

Tulare Western: Opinion on Dress Code

By: Ireland Livermore, Michael Olivares & Mia Rodriguez    

Students React to Politics (Part 2)

By:Sam Marquez and Matthew Adams Micah Henderson, freshman, gave his opinions on the hypocrisy within the presidential candidates. (Viewer discretion is advised)

Students React to Politics (Part One)

By:Sam Marquez and Matthew Adams Destiny Mills agreed to talk about political hypocrisy involving the hot topics of abortion and Same Sex Unions.(Viewer discretion is advised)  

The Chernobyl Nuclear Diaster

By: Sam Marquez Radiation. Radiation. Radiation. Most people think of cancer treatment when they hear that word, but it wasn’t the case 30 years ago for those living in the now abandoned town of… Continue reading

Beyoncé’s New Album ‘Lemonade’: Review

by Leslie Gonzalez   Beyoncé released her much anticipated album this past Saturday night, less than a week from the beginning of her world tour. Every song came with a music video that… Continue reading

Restrooms Restrooms Restrooms

By: Sam Marquez & Matt Adams North Carolina recently passed a bill that states one must use the public restroom of their designating sex at birth. Let’s just start off by saying sex… Continue reading

10 Cloverfield Lane Movie Review

By Guadalupe Zepeda “Monsters come in many forms.” This was a great suspenseful movie that kept you thinking the whole time. 10 Cloverfield Lane was released on March 11,2016. It stars John Goodman… Continue reading