When ARE you too old to enjoy cartoons?

by Jonathan Delgado It’s the age old question that any fan who enjoys cartoons or comics knows all too well-”Aren’t you too old to be into this kid’s stuff?” This one question has… Continue reading

Born to Play Water Polo

By: Ireland Livermore Why Water Polo? There’s so many sports at Tulare Western. Freshman Estrella Rodriguez said, “I don’t know, I just knew that I wanted to be in it.” To me it seems… Continue reading


Ever wonder why people think Drama is so interesting? Here is some insight from Tulare Western Drama students. Senior Sarah Aguilar became interested in Drama because she is a very dramatic person and decided… Continue reading

The Williams Sisters Face Off

By Guadalupe Zepeda On September 8th, one of the most anticipated tennis matches occurred at the US Open. Serena Williams and Venus Williams faced off in a quarterfinals match to see who continues… Continue reading

The Clash of the Narcissists

By: Samantha Marquez and Matthew Adams   So, at the VMAs, Kanye West announced that he is running for President in 2020. Since then he’s gotten many comparisons to the infamous Donald Trump,… Continue reading

Anthony Cervantez

Anthony Cervantez is the starting quarterback for the Tulare Western freshman team. Anthony is liking his freshman year so far. “I like it so far, I just hope the rest of my 3 years… Continue reading

Depression: The Main Cause of Suicide

By: Lisette Yanez There are a countless amount of reasons for why people become depressed. In teens, a major cause for depression is bullying. A lot of people bully without realizing the negative… Continue reading

Video music awards.

By: Destiny Mills, and Bailee Seals The VMA’s stand for Video Music Awards on MTV. We all remember this year’s because of the nearly nudest Miley Cyrus as host. If you were watching the VMA’s then… Continue reading

Back To School

By: Michael Olivares & Victor Pena Back to School Night is a chance for your parents to meet your teachers, get to know your school, and have some tacos. The A.S.B. helped out… Continue reading

The fundamentals of life

From the day we’re born, we’re given unquestionable rights and opportunities. Our freedom, our safety, and possibly most importantly, our education are not only overlooked but completely taken for granted by a lot… Continue reading