The Truth About Fad Diets

By: Samantha Marquez Summer is slowly coming to an end and it’s time to take a break from maintaining our fabulous summer bodies. But what are the harsh effects of what you did… Continue reading

Mr. Aye

By Damarin Patterson How much do you think you know Mr. Aye? Mr. Aye does a lot of things from being ASB director at Western to traveling all over as a motivational speaker. … Continue reading

Drones: Why or Why not?

By Micah Henderson Drones are a very controversial issue in the world today. Technology has advanced to the point that government agencies as well as private citizens are able to own and operate unmanned… Continue reading

Breaking the Ice

By: Destiny Mills & Michael Olivares Ice Ice breaker!! What does this mean to you? Ice breaker is the first dance of the year to get to know one another, in other words “breaking the… Continue reading

Welcome Mrs. Rodriguez

Have you realized all the changes to Tulare Western’s staff lately? One teacher that stands out is Mrs. Rodriguez. Before coming to Tulare Western, Rodriguez taught for one year at Del Valle Continuation… Continue reading

Astronomy Club!

By Carlos Olivares & Jonathan Delgado For 8 years, the Astronomy Club has been providing a new and enriching experience for students to enjoy. Organized by Mr. Smith, his goal is to have… Continue reading

Costa the new teacher on campus

By: Matt Adams Have you met the new Art teacher on campus? Costa is the name. Mr. Costa, according to his own words, was a  “socially awkward individual, and rather shy ” Pioneer… Continue reading

The Duggars Scandal

Josh Duggar recently has been exposed in participating inn some not very religious activities. Read article to find out more!

“The Diverse Opinions on Physical Education”

 By Micah Henderson, Samantha Marquez and Lisette Yanez   “Should P.E. be a requirement?”    This question is undeniably controversial, and needs to be answered. At Tulare Western, P.E. is a requirement for all freshmen.  … Continue reading

Who is Mr. Alvidrez?

By Ireland Livermore & Guadalupe Zepeda Mr. Alvidrez Mr. Alvidrez could best be described as a teacher who has passion to learn and teach about music! He was in band for all four… Continue reading