Don’t leave weapons unattended.

By Bailee Seals Police reports say that a handgun was under her grandmother’s pillow when a 5 year old girl from Detroit found it. The 5 year old, who was said to be with… Continue reading

Whisper Challenge Ep.2

By Guadalupe Zepeda Featuring Nikki Vasquez and Harold

Snapchat Sued!

                                                                 … Continue reading

Way of Life: Breaking Bad Habits

We as humans are habit forming, and sometimes we let these habits get the best of us. Whether they’re good or bad we all have at least one thing that has a way… Continue reading

First Ever TW Talent Show

On May 6, 2016 Tulare Western will be holding their very first Talent Show! Some of Tulare Western’s very own will be performing in the show, so come support them this Friday!  Time… Continue reading

Apple Revenue Drop Brings Up some Interesting Questions

by Jonathan Delgado Apple has been a technological giant and spearhead for many of the advancements in mobile devices and computers available to the public today. Devices that the average person keeps with… Continue reading

The Chernobyl Nuclear Diaster

By: Sam Marquez Radiation. Radiation. Radiation. Most people think of cancer treatment when they hear that word, but it wasn’t the case 30 years ago for those living in the now abandoned town of… Continue reading

Why you should think twice about your “green” vehicle

by Micah Henderson It’s often said that electric cars are better for the environment than gasoline powered cars. But is this true? To understand this we got to look at a large picture.… Continue reading

Bucket list

Though death may not be anywhere in your mind, it is an inevitable fate that belongs to all of us and for many it won’t be until the last years of their lives… Continue reading

AP Exams are Here

By Leslie Gonzalez The most anticipated moment for AP students has arrived! The AP exams began yesterday, May 2nd and end next week on Friday, May 13th. The exam times vary between morning… Continue reading